A Guide to Managing WHM Accounts in Reseller Hosting

Follow the guides provided below to effectively manage WHM Accounts in Reseller Hosting. The reseller refers to a cPanel account with the capacity to produce other cPanel accounts. Users who sign up for dedicated or VPS hosting plans have access to reseller WHM. Resellers administer cPanel accounts with limited WebHost Manager interface. Resellers have access […]

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How to Set up Packages in Web Host Manager to Use WHMCS

WHMCS is an essential tool for online business that enables seamless client management and automation. How does one organize WHM packages for the Web Hosting Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS)? Resellers must integrate this all-in-one online support platform in ensuring products have the right resources and controls for cPanel packages. Create the Package Log in to […]

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Managing Your Domains’ DNS Zones on WHM

Learn how you can administer the DNS zones of your domains on WebHost Manager. Users must understand that the Domain Name System (DNS) is crucial to understanding how the Internet, as well as websites, function. DNS refers to that database that links host names like www.exampledomain.com to specific Internet Protocol (IP) addresses such as […]

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Creating a cPanel Account Within WHM

Learn how to create a cPanel account from within Web Host Manager through this useful guide. Web Host Manager (WHM) and cPanel make websites easily accessible to potential visitors. If your server with its services are ready to function, your next step is to learn how to administer the cPanel account. A unique feature within […]

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Guide to Reseller Accounts

It’s essential to understand the basic ins and outs of reseller hosting before deciding to jump into it. Reseller hosting refers to an enterprise using and selling resources belonging to the parent hosting provider. Majority of web hosts in the United Kingdom create reseller packages. In the case of reseller accounts, owners can utilise their […]

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How to Accomplish Basic WHM Reseller Administration Tasks

As a reseller, it’s important to know how to perform administrative tasks on your reseller account using WHM. Web Host Manager (WHM) refers to a program allowing access to the cPanel backend. Reseller accounts use the basic WHM while Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers get the root WHM. This Web Host Manager maintains administrative […]

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reseller hosting tools

Essential Tools to Use as a Hosting Reseller

If you are considering establishing a reseller hosting business, it would be helpful for you to know the useful tools that will make operating and managing your enterprise easier. Reseller hosting refers to the business of providing web hosting for companies that outsource this know-how to business end-users. It has emerged as a lucrative online […]

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Reseller Hosting Guide – Part F: How to Install WHMCS

This guide will teach you how to install WHMCS, which will help you to manage your hosting clients. The Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) offers billing and support solutions as well as support for online enterprises. It can handle every process from sign-up until termination. Experts describe WHMCS as a potent instrument for business […]

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Reseller Hosting Guide – Part D: How to Configure Vanity Nameservers

If you want your reseller hosting business to look more polished and credible, you should consider using vanity nameservers. The vanity nameserver makes a website look more professional since it is identified with the selected site rather than the public nameserver. When you install the vanity nameserver, shared web hosting becomes different compared to operating […]

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