How Agencies Can Use Reseller Hosting to Power Their Client’s Websites

Agencies can earn supplemental income by signing up for reseller accounts and offer their hosting services to clients.

This is passive income generated by spending extra time wisely. These agencies include those in marketing, graphic design, web design, and other related fields.

Passive income is always advantageous. It also turns out profitable without having to perform tedious work most of the time. As a marketer or web designer you can continue servicing clients while providing reseller hosting. With the cPanel platform, the service provider or customer can handle tasks simultaneously. Hosting becomes a convenient source of regular revenues.

Marketing Agencies

Online marketing entrepreneurs can take advantage of lull periods and manage their clients’ websites. As a marketer, you engage in multi-tasking by implementing promotional campaigns, selling brands, and renting out virtual space to startups as well as medium-sized businesses. Keep in mind though that as a reseller, you’ll be responsible for providing 100% reliability. You should be up on your toes all the time to deal with issues that may arise.

To develop into a productive reseller, you need a strategic plan which entails promoting your new service to small business owners. Make clear your reseller’s vision. Identify targets and objectives for motivation. This approach helps the marketing expert to determine target audiences. Some of the promotional techniques you can employ include:

  • Email and Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Online Advertisement
  • Networking
  • Blog Posts
  • Print Ads

Come up with a calendar of your reseller hosting marketing services for the year. This schedule must reinforce the business development plan that you formulated early on. Technically, you act as the host meaning disruptions will prompt email notifications to you and not the hosting firm. When this happens, you just contact the parent host’s customer support for the client. You as the reseller functions as middleman in the troubleshooting process.

It is good business practice to learn this new skill of overseeing hosting. This newly-found expertise can bring your business to a higher level. The main reason, however, of hosting your clients’ sites is the regular revenue. It might turn out as the vital spark for your marketing enterprise.

Marketing agencies obtain several benefits from offering reseller hosting:

  • You acquire continuous income stream. The money translates into a long-term investment.
  • You subsidise hosting costs through the reseller plan. By pricing packages correctly, the agency basically enjoys free website hosting.
  • There is low barrier to entry in reseller hosting compared to most online ventures. Subscribe to a plan and advertise your business. Success will depend on the marketer’s sales proficiency.

Graphic Design Agencies

Reseller web hosting proposes another income source for graphic design companies. Through the reseller hosting account, the graphic designer leaves technical management of the server as well as security concerns to the web host. If you decide to resell hosting, the billable resource (usually time spent) calls for little or practically no work on the reseller’s part. You simply serve as intermediary between the proprietor and the host’s support personnel.

The graphic designer’s primary concern is to make this additional business more enticing. You must become more competitive because many design companies double as resellers nowadays. Try to build that status as a designer and vendor at the same time. Set up and maintain the hosting. Provide reliable hosting resources to your client and watch as your referrals start to add up. You earn extra income while doing your regular design work.

Flexibility remains a key for the hosting reseller and graphic design agency. Your clients might not have the know-how to log in and fiddle with their websites. This is the perk of offering a complete graphic design service which includes hosting and maintenance. Resellers can simply build customised packages and supervise customer resources from the reseller account panel.

As an additional advice for agencies, you can choose from hosting categories such as the following:

  • Shared or Budget
  • Managed or Virtual Private Server
  • Hosted Platform

Web Designers

Prospects are bright for web designers. Shared hosting easily delivers the required web space to accommodate client projects. You can create numerous sites using leading Content Management Systems. These include WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Resellers generally obtain unlimited space from data hubs in the United Kingdom.

The sophisticated clustered hosting platform makes the system 100% seamless. It also ensures that clients’ sites do not compete for performance when an unexpected surge in demand takes place. Dedicated servers offer a more effective option for agency-resellers. The customised hardware assures users of high-level production for higher traffic volumes as well as complicated apps.

Web designers can also resell from the cloud. You benefit from a flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure. The cloud’s environment allows web design agencies/resellers to tweak resources available to end-users. It is more like a personal data facility. You can operate or shut down as many Virtual Machines as you want. Compared to shared hosting or VPS, you will not encounter in-built flaws related to scalable VMs in the cloud. Besides, the most recent cloud technology is safer than Virtual Private Servers.

For web design agencies and hosting resellers, the cloud presents reduced risks because of adaptability. It is possible to configure cloud servers paying only for performance needed. You need not worry about contracts, upfront payments, and no obstructions to start serving clients from the cloud platform.

White label hosting is ideal for resellers seeking to supply a dependable experience with their own branding. Your customers have the choice of logging in and managing projects behind your own branding.

Other Agencies

“Recurring revenue is the name of the game.” Agencies have the prerogative to earn periodic income by marketing, designing, developing, maintaining, and hosting. Regular earnings balance your finances monthly making hiring less risky and growth more attainable. You do not have to increase lead flow.

What should be an agency’s first move?

At the start, choose an experienced host with impressive credentials. Clients will likely leave if your hosting is slow and inconsistent.

  • Look for reputable companies in the UK that sell reseller hosting plans.
  • Create a short list.
  • Browse through reviews about each provider in your listing.
  • Choose independent and unbiased review portals with exhaustive assessment of different service providers. Information you get about these companies will help you make an informed decision.
  • After selecting a provider, your next step would be to identify the right package. Like other options, reseller hosting is classified into several levels or layers. Each one offers storage, number of accounts to be created, transfer, and other features. In many instances, you can begin with a basic package that suits your needs and choices.
  • Follow guidelines and instructions from the parent host particularly in the aspect of packages for potential clients.

Formulate your personalised package once you have signed up for the reseller account. You have a target audience so customising comes easier. Find clients who do not pay premiums if you are a web designer or developer supplying hosting services. It is an advantage because you are not obliged to deal with site maintenance.

Perhaps, the bottom line is to offer something that most of your competitors cannot bring to users. One possibility is to offer various channels to get in touch with you should the need arise or something related to Content Management Systems like WordPress. Create a niche in the industry. Make sure your prospects and clients remember you for that field. At the same time, come up with pricing for your packages that is easy to understand. It is one way of communicating your affordable rates to selected clientele.

Know the specifics of reseller hosting. Some providers contract with resellers charging on per-client basis. Others have additional rates every time the reseller adds customers. Common features that are normally included in reselling packages consist of the following:

  • Chance to brand your webhosting firm with the parent company
  • Manage your own packages
  • Configure various accounts depending on requirements
  • Disk space and bandwidth
  • Domain hosting
  • Pass features to customers like those offered by the main host to their users
  • Control panel
  • Email accounts
  • Tools for monitoring
  • Additional scripts

Here is a heads up for agencies: reseller hosting remains as one of the easiest methods of earning extra while doing your daily routine of marketing and designing. Almost all (if not all) Internet entrepreneurs and merchants need websites. Therefore, hosting is easy to market.

What’s the Upside for Agencies?

Reseller hosting will not give you an instant fortune. Nonetheless, consider the opportunity of selling hosting and networking capabilities. It is a perfect match for marketing and sales. Reseller hosting guarantees a steady supplementary income stream for agencies. You only invest time, patience, and practical sense to become a legitimate reseller. Why wait until tomorrow when the chance to become more profitable as an agency is now knocking on your door?

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