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  • How to Secure Your cPanel Server

    You never know when a vicious individual or group of people will target your server and launch malicious attacks against you. Fortunately, you can secure your cPanel server to prevent these unwanted assaults. The cPanel platform alludes to the web-hosting control panel based on UNIX, a multi-user and multi-tasking OS or operating system, which provides […]

  • Reseller Hosting Guide – Part B: How to Configure Apache, PHP & MySQL

    This guide will show you how to update and configure Apache, PHP and MySQL on a cPanel web server so that you can resell hosting services to your clients. Apache The Apache (HTTP Server) refers to a cross and open-source platform software that follows the Apache License 2.0. A community of developers under the patronage […]

  • Reseller Hosting Guide – Part A: Technical Requirements for Web Hosting Resellers

    Do you offer web-related services such as web design and development and are considering selling web hosting services to your customers? Learn about the ins and outs of reseller hosting with the help of this series of guides. Fine Points of Reseller Hosting Reselling refers to the practice of companies using resources provided by a […]