Essential Tools to Use as a Hosting Reseller

If you are considering establishing a reseller hosting business, it would be helpful for you to know the useful tools that will make operating and managing your enterprise easier.

Reseller hosting refers to the business of providing web hosting for companies that outsource this know-how to business end-users. It has emerged as a lucrative online enterprise related to design and development of websites. Resellers need several special tools to perform their operations efficiently.

Reseller hosting allows account holders to provide hosting services. Hosting products include the three VPS, Dedicate, and Shared Hosting. Resellers separate drive space as well as bandwidth assigned to them so they can sell to others. The reseller can be compared to an intermediary between the principal hosting firm and third-party account vendor.

Control Panel

The control panel manages all domains for hosting. You can find cPanel in Linux and Plesk in Windows (reseller hosting). It is possible to host domains as well as manage services in both platforms easily. These domains include databases, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Domain Name System (DNS), emails, and web.

The ideal web host comes with a free cPanel and Web Host Management for hassle-free management of primary hosting functions like the following:

  • Adding domains
  • Managing the FTP
  • Editing the DNS
  • Building and restore MySQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Handling sub-domains

A web-based control panel makes website management easier. You can provide customers the capacity to administer all elements of their site through uncomplicated point-and-click software. Users are free to create email addresses, auto-responders, and filtering for proper management of emails. Other features include fighting spam using:

  • BoxTrapper
  • Apache Spam Assassin
  • Email authentication

After performing this function, the user can make some mailing lists for transmitting different messages. This platform will ensure security for clients through configuration of directories; Internet Protocol (IP) denials; Security Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS); and, GnuPG secured by passwords to restrict access. You can set up sub-domains together with add-on and parked domains redirecting to guide all visitors. Website identification is done utilizing DNS simple and advanced zone editors.

Incidentally, GnuPG or GPG means the free and full implementation of Open PGP standards as described by Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) or RFC 4480. GPG allows encryption and signs data communications. It features an adaptable management system along with access modules for all types of public key directories.

At the same time end-users can work with third-party software for:

  • E-Commerce sites
  • Blogs
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Guest Books

The goal here is to build a robust and lively website. You are allowed to modify and back up folders and files while checking on the use of disk space. Tracking website performance can be performed by means of AWStats (open-source analytics) or Webalizer (web log analysis application).

XMail Trac

The XMail Trac is a complete email tracker that permits clients to monitor emails received or sent in their domain names. The benefits of using this program consist of the following:

  • Local software is not required.
  • License upgrades are not necessary provided the number of users go up. Software charges are made according to domain.
  • The system admin is no longer required so no employee can misuse the system.
  • Tracking, archiving, and shadow-copying of emails are performed at the server level with no resources. Bandwidth consumption becomes lower compared to Local Area Network (LAN)-based servers.
  • There is no need to obtain extra user-level licenses and local LAN software.

XMail Trac monitors all incoming and outgoing emails in specific domain names or email servers. It functions on the network while monitored emails are conducted without a glitch using no server resources at all. Messages are archived at a centralized repository that can be recovered by the system admin. Monitoring is conducted with no additional settings even if users are scattered geographically and regardless of numerous email accounts.

Arrow SQL Arc

Structured Query Language ArcGIS is known as a sophisticated SQL Database back-up tool for management allowing customers to discard the back-up files of databases for domains in Windows, Linux, Dedicated Servers, and hosting accounts. With this process, you can get rid of daily and weekly back-up database which users can download without difficulty through the FTP. You can choose between the Server or Reseller version.

How does this tool work? To start with, enable the SQL ArcGIS. Back up all the databases under the domain names. Schedule the dumping in dedicated servers and the reseller hosting account once every week. The advantages of using this platform consist of the following:

  • Users can download back-ups on a regular basis.
  • The Arrow SQL detects new databases in any cPanel or Plesk domain automatically under your account and ditches them during the succeeding schedules.
  • Discarded databases are kept in secured folders and accessed only by authorized parties or individuals.
  • The rejected dump is overwritten weekly to save space in the website.
  • Clients are not required to connect through the SQL Studio because of the automatic dumping process.

In executing any Query, enter the SQL statement after making a successful connection. Click the Execute Button tab you can find on the toolbar. Otherwise, press ALT-E on the PC keyboard, if you want to cancel, click the Cancel icon. The SQL Query takes no more than two seconds for completion and the progress shown on the progress bar on top of the grid.


Sitebuilder has maintained its position as preferred tool for startup entrepreneurs inclined to carry out website design and hosting. The feature helps build professional websites without problems. RVsitebuilder permits the building of websites minus any software except for the PC browser even with minimal or no experience in programming.

Rvsitebuilder PRO is a highly developed website builder which users can use at any given time. It will take professionals only five minutes to put together a top-notch site. Simply answer several questions, select a specific category as well as style, and choose the design. The site builder produces the right pages together with images according to your preference. It is not hard to tweak the web pages by using the Editor to change the sample text with your desired content.

Play with images using the easy uploader to add photos and files from the computer including special features from the interactive website. Rvsitebuilder PRO contains a 754 impactful set of ready-to-use web templates with multiple alternatives for specific colors, page layouts, and navigation styles. Overall, your website will appear impressive and elegant. You can now transform reseller hosting services to a more elevated level. It is a value-added-service to your clients.


Softaculous has surfaced as one of the prominent auto installer for Plesk, cPanel, H-Sphere, InterWorx, and DirectAdmin. H-Sphere is the web-hosting Automatic Control Panel designed for shared hosting services. The InterWorx control panel refers to a Linux-based dedicated web server and Virtual Private Server (VPS) panel. It is essential to website and system administrators. DirectAdmin is graphical web-based platform for site administration.

At the same time, the auto-installer functions as a commercial script library that computerizes the setting-up of commercial open-source web apps. Softaculous scripts are implemented from the Admin of the control panel mainly using an interface instrument like the five tools mentioned above. Said apps normally generate tables in a particular database, install programs, modify permissions or access details, and change configuration files of website servers.

Softaculous goes for open-source applications and comes available in both Free and Pro versions. The Free variety supports the installation of more than 50 apps. On the other hand, the Professional version can install 417 apps or even more.  You can find apps such as Content Management Systems, forums, and blogs.

Some of the major benefits in utilizing Softaculous are the following:

  • Apps’ updates will surely turn out faster with hourly updating of the latest version. The platform keeps each script current providing better alternatives for customers.
  • You are at liberty to set up and download without delay from the Softaculous console. Select from the following:  http://, https://, http://www or https://www while you are in the process of performing script installation.
  • It is not a problem to enable email notifications for the availability of newer calligraphy, the backup system, and constant updates.
  • In addition to the updating, users can expect a protected script as well as enhanced protection for the server.
  • Softaculous can extract from any of the scripts that it looks after even if it was not the original installer. The user can look ahead to a quick and trouble-free process. This auto-installer can work with other auto-installers.

Look at the other features of Softaculous:

  • One-click installation which means you can install the application with a single click.
  • Restoration of back-ups or configuration with the deployment of Softaculous.
  • Multilingual (many languages) indicates the option of apps installation in the local language.

Smooth Operations

Having determined the required instruments makes reseller hosting a more viable enterprise. From this point onwards, you can now choose to become a full-pledged reseller and start making money while enhancing your status as a reputable online entrepreneur.


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