How to Make Money as a Reseller Host

There are so many reseller hosts doing business in the market today, so if you want to jump into the industry, you must make sure you know how to make the best of the opportunity.


How do you earn as reseller host in the United Kingdom? It is not easy. Yet, this business is viable with lucrative potentials. Your success will depend upon the efficacy of your Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing campaign, conversion rates, and margin you use to operate. It is possible to target a six-figure income. However, start with a modest initial goal that is practically achievable. Decide on a profit margin but expert resellers recommend between 15 and 20 percent allowance. Anything more than this will mean your hosting packages are too expensive.

There are several considerations prior to launching your reselling enterprise. Study the specifics of this business carefully along with long-term benefits. Whatever your background is and reasons for choosing this venture, an effective catalyst for such a profit-oriented undertaking is to know the fundamentals of reseller hosting.

Choices for Reseller Hosting

The potential reseller has different alternatives from the simple and affordable to the complex and costly.

  • Shared Hosting

The principal web host permits you to sell your clients an amount of bandwidth and disk space. You are not compelled to possess a comprehensive understanding of hosting’s technical aspects. The hosting provider maintains network infrastructure and hardware. It will also configure, secure, and update all software apps.

Your responsibility is to create hosting packages, implement pricing, and interact with customers. You normally access the customised servers and control panels to establish branding. Allocate enough budget for advertising to remain competitive in this industry.

  • Dedicated Server

This is the ideal choice for those who prefer exclusive use as well as access to the physical server. Another party owns and operates the equipment that also maintains the data facility where the server is stored. With dedicated servers, you do not have to worry regarding other users of servers affecting your business. The key is you must have more technical competence in setting up the dedicated server. Another option is to employ a managed dedicated server, so the data centre maintains and troubleshoots the hardware.

  • Virtual Private Server

The VPS fills in the disparity between shared web hosting and dedicated servers. Virtual Private Servers are like a powerful main server segregated into various virtual spaces. Nonetheless, certain limitations make VPS a less feasible choice for resellers. Even then, the Virtual Private Server has an Operating System (OS) that clients can access and install software compatible to that system. This type of hosting represents a segment of larger central server connection. The node is a powerful dedicated server separated into multiple virtual environments.

  • Colocation Server

Colocation is suitable if you are very familiar with server management, setting up the server machine, and requiring features of an IT organization. Colocation enables you to maintain the server at a certain hub and share the bandwidth. Just set up the equipment. Then, bring it to the provider’s facility and lease a server from that company.

The provider is responsible for providing the Internet connection, power, and bandwidth. Benefits of colocation include sophisticated security consisting of cameras, backup power generators, and fire protection mechanisms. The downside is the cost compared to basic hosting.


One of the major challenges in this venture is how to generate orders consistently. The selling process is not that straightforward despite tools like PPC, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and Social Media Marketing (SMM). You must allocate plenty of time, efforts, perseverance, and determination to this effort. To begin with, you need to do the following:

  • Find a reliable hosting company in the UK.
  • Obtain a reseller package that will provide you the opportunity to generate revenues.
  • Review the terms and conditions of your contract in detail along with the confidentiality clause and other stipulations before purchasing any package.
  • Create a business website for marketing and promoting your services.
  • Hire an SEO specialist for the optimisation of your website. You should learn about the appropriate keywords, content creation and management, Internet advertising, and social media networking.

Web Hosting Platform

This refers to the technologies that function jointly allowing all the enterprise’s services to operate in this digital generation and environment. Consider the following:

  • Business E-mail Hosting ensures premium spam and virus protection, secured private e-mail, 99.99% guaranteed delivery rate, and 100% uptime.
  • Safe Business Web Hosting implies speedy web servers, friendly hosting panel to administer multiple websites, and assurance that your website is protected by the latest technologies against intrusions and hackers.
  • Enterprise Domain Names Services or DNS refers to potent, fast, and protected DNS dispersed globally utilising a consistent network technology. Built-in DNS security provides DDoS protection for domain resolution, fixed load-balancing, automatic failover, and DNS security. These are run with a user-friendly management portal that eliminates technical barriers of entry for small and medium businesses as well as small enterprise patrons.
  • Multi-layered Security Services safeguard global networks, data hubs, and client-hosted services against attacks. You must invest in contemporary security technologies which ensure breaches are prevented at the perimeter and never enter your networks.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery mean that capable hosting providers operate 100 Terabytes of backups. These consist of all services and client data on a 24/7 monthly backups. The backups are rotated and scattered across two geographically-dispersed regions if a disaster takes place in one region.
  • 24/7/365 technical support and monitoring indicates that services cannot be made possible without experienced staff who will observe, troubleshoot and support clients.

Operating the Business

Conduct research regarding the business. Study the entire scope of this venture. Concentrate on the aspects of web hosting, domain services, and email management. Many designers and coding professionals believe reselling allow them to control and manage their clients’ online presence. Among the requirements are the following:

  • Reliable personal computer with stable Internet connection or laptop if you work from remote locations.
  • Dedicated business phone for making sales calls and receiving possible customer queries.
  • Business license, business permits, and tax requirements.
  • Bank account and credit/debit card.

Formulate a strategic but easy-to-follow business plan. Define all your targets and objectives, target markets, business prerequisites, costs, and spending budget.

Look for the Reseller Host

In selecting the ideal reseller hosting firm, look for a provider capable of providing you the following:

  • Absolute efficiency and flexibility
  • Capacity to brand your web hosting company
  • Value-added features that include billing software, domain hosting, email hosting, additional scripts and monitoring tools
  • Enough disk space and bandwidth
  • Excellent customer and technical support team
  • Reasonable prices
  • Money-back warranty

Mailbox Size

The mailbox size without any limits is a very useful feature because users are not required to clean up their emails to hold incoming messages. Resources that hosting providers consider as extras are disk space and bandwidth. This is generally adopted after users consume plan allocations.

Bandwidth means amount of information passing through the web connection. It comes from the hosted services to the Internet. Disk space is the amount of data stored in the hosting. Said resources are measured in terms of megabytes (MB), kilobytes (KB), gigabytes (GB), or terabytes (TB).

It is essential to put in extra fibre capacity with exceptional security to safeguard online properties of users from cyber-attacks, malicious hardware, and viruses. Web hosts conduct research and development initiatives continuously for improving the user experience of clients. Modern technology will help ensure effective business operations.

Follow the Advice of Experienced Resellers

Expert resellers will advise you to choose a hosting plan based on available financial resources as well as number of clients you can possibly generate within the next three years and beyond. Hiring the most capable web host can turn out as the most crucial step. Make sure the company has impressive credentials. Providers with data facilities can communicate more efficiently compared to companies without a network of computer systems.

Opt for a cost-effective pricing structure. This can be one of the most intricate aspects you need to determine. Remember that you compete with other web hosts who can offer drastically lower prices. Others may impose exorbitant fees. Review the different pricing structures to enable you to determine available resources. Know the price of servers, operational costs, and relevant financial factors. Websites that need Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates for electronic-commerce purposes usually charge higher rates like companies requiring more bandwidth and space.

Final Words

You sell hosting. Therefore, online presence is important. You must make sure your business website stands out among competitors. Look for an enticing name and impressive web design. The website must perform well. Pages should load quickly. Navigation must be simple. Produce catchy and relevant content. It will be an advantage if your website allows credit card payments and automated billing online. In other words, you need not worry about monitoring and recording every payment that comes in. See to it your clients have straightforward access to a help desk. This kind of support allows them to communicate with the provider for any unexpected problems with their websites.

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