How to Transfer From Heart Internet

Thinking of migrating your Heart Internet reseller hosting account to another provider? Only a few web hosting providers have the tools to facilitate a smooth and easy migration process from Heart Internet.

Heart Internet is a Nottingham, UK-based domain registrar and web hosting provider. Established in 2004, Heart Internet has grown to become one of the most well-known and trusted companies in the industry, offering various shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated server hosting packages.

Unfortunately, there have been a number of complaints from Heart Internet customers over the years who have encountered critical issues such as downtimes lasting 3 days or more. What further exacerbates the problem is that customers’ tickets aren’t being addressed helpfully and the company’s technical support is nearly impossible to get in touch with. This puts resellers in a very precarious situation with their clients. Think about it: business owners who rely on their websites to earn profit lose opportunity and income for every minute that their websites are offline. Unsurprisingly, the reseller host – in this case, you – will get the brunt of your clients’ frustration.

As a reseller, the parent company’s problems become your problems, and your reputation is tarnished along with theirs. For this reason, many Heart Internet customers are choosing to migrate to other web hosting providers.

Now, of course no web hosting company is perfect – you are bound to run into issues no matter which provider you choose sooner or later. The difference lies in the efficiency, skill and promptness with which a company handles and resolves these crises.

Potential Issue with Migrating from Heart Internet

Migrating from one web host to another is usually pretty straightforward. Most web hosting companies utilise cPanel control panel which makes switching hosting providers a smooth and easy process. What makes transferring to a new web host from Heart Internet a complicated procedure is the fact that Heart Internet uses a custom control panel known as eXtend for their shared and reseller hosting plans.

Steps for Switching from Heart Internet to Another Provider

Thankfully, a few web hosting providers such as have migration tools to facilitate an easy, smooth and simple migration process so you can move your websites, databases and emails to their servers.

For this article, we’ve chosen Jolt’s transfer process as an example:

Step 1: Order your desired hosting package, whether that is shared, reseller, VPS or dedicated server hosting.

Step 2: Inform the technical support team of your plan to migrate from Heart Internet and let them know the convenient time to move your website/s.

Step 3: Provide the technical support team with your Heart Internet account login information.

Step 4: Jolt will move your website/s to your new hosting account on the same day (with a downtime of only less than an hour).

Step 5: Start using your new Jolt hosting account that comes with cPanel, WHM, WHMCS billing software, and other features.

If you are unsure whether the prospective hosting provider you are considering switching to can migrate websites, databases and emails from Heart Internet, the best thing to do is get in touch with them, explain what you need and inquire whether or not they can help you.

Keep in mind, however, that sales and support teams are usually completely separate teams within a single organisation, so make it a point to contact the technical support department directly if at all possible. You wouldn’t want to rely on a sales personnel’s assertion that they can migrate their sites for you from Heart Internet only to find out too late that the reality doesn’t stack up against their promise. If they can assure you that they can help you move your hosting account from Heart Internet, it’s also a good idea to determine how long the migration will take.

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